Another day and another Pro, it is Samsung that has jumped into the portable computing scene with the Galaxy TabPro S which is a slim 2-in-1 hybrid that runs on Windows 10. A quick glance at the TabPro S tells us that Samsung has indeed gone the extra mile to churn out a slim Tablet and the accessories it is accompanied with. The metal chassis is reminiscent of the Galaxy S6 series and so are the neatly drilled speaker grills.


The TabPro S will be powered by the Intel’s 6th Gen Skylake dual-core Core M chips which will be clocked at 2.2GHz and paired with a 4GB of RAM. The storage department is graced by a 128GB or 256GB of onboard SSD storage options. The 12-inch Super AMOLED display is set to run at an resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and just like any other Samsung displays this one too seems to excel when it comes to displaying all the blacks and the colors.

We have been referring the TabPro S as a thin machine from the beginning at the reason for that is the 6.3mm of thinness which makes it thinner than the Surface Pro 4 and also the Apple iPad Pro. The device is backed up by a 5,200mAh battery which can be fast charged with the USB Type-C port. The very fact that the TabPro S weighs just 1.53 pounds puts another feather in its cap. The Tab has got a combo of 5-Megapixel camera sensor on either sides and Samsung is said to be working on a LTE version to help people stay connected on the go.

Well the first thing that comes to anyones mind while speaking about the 2-in-1s is the productivity, will the machine be able to bear the brunt of the day to day computing requirements. It was in fact this question that prompted us to do ditch the laptop and survive only on the iPad Pro for complete 5-days. The TabPro can be magnetically docked into the case and the angle of the screen can be adjusted. The Keyboard comes with NFC tag and this seems to have prompted Samsung to include one of its gimmicky trick, tap your compatible Samsung phone to a left spot on the trackpad and then you will be able to use the phones fingerprint scanner to unlock the Tab, Fancy for sure!

The Samsung TabPro S seems to be well equipped to make a place for itself in the overcrowded Windows convertible market. Power users will point out to the choice of processor being used – Core M instead of the core i5 or i7. Although it doesn’t boast of raw power it does make up to it with its elegant styling and the features on the offer. The TabPro S is expected to be released in February and the pricing details are yet to be revealed.

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