Nano Drones are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their ability to fly indoors and the affordable price tag. The nano drones are deemed the best when it comes to a novice or a complete newbie trying to become a drone hobbyist. The ONAGOfly is one of its kind Smart Nano drone that comes with most of the features usually found in the larger and pricier drones whilst still maintaining the compact form factor.


Unlike other Nano Drones which rely on a separate controller, the ONAGOfly can be controlled in real-time via an iOS or an Android app. The app will communicate with the drones through Wi-Fi allowing it to be controlled from a distance of up to 20 metres. Thankfully, the ONAGOfly comes with a GPS Module which will not only return to its base position but will also follow the users.

The follow me feature is something we have already seen on a drone called Lily but the ONAGOfly seems to be the first Nano drone to do so. If you are a cyclist, runner, swimmer all you need to do is turn on the follow me feature and pre-set the desired height from which it should capture your videos.


As expected, the drone is fitted with an IR obstacle avoidance system which would prompt the drone to take an escape route when it senses an obstacle. The ONAGOfly can be just tossed into the air and its gyroscopes will ensure that it takes off, additionally the drone is also capable of flying from ones palm without the need for a hard even surface.

Camera units in nano drones have always left a lot to be desired but in ONAGOfly this short coming has been addressed by a 15-Megapixel camera unit that is capable of shooting 1080p/30fps videos which are digitally stabilised. The recordings are stored in a memory card on board and it also beams a live stream of the flight on the smartphone app.


Battery backup has been of utmost importance in drones and the 1000 mAh battery pack in this drone promises a decent 12-minute flight time when recording the video and if you turn off the recording feature the flight time will scale up to 15-minutes.

The ONAGOfly has exceeded its target by 10x on the Indiegogo campaign and basic drone would cost $199 plus the shipping fees. What has gotten us excited is the bunch of accessories the ONAGOfly would retail with, needless to say all the accessories are optional and cost extra but they do seem to make up by adding extra features.

ONAGOfly charging fuel stick is a dedicated power bank rated at 10,000mAh. The fuel stick will come in use when you need to recharge the drone and an actual power outlet is not present. If you are ready to shell out another $60 you can buy the ProKit upgrade. This upgrade consists of a 16GB memory card, propeller sets-1 in number, quick charge fuel stick and 1-carry case.

Source: Indiegogo
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