TVs have been evolving slowly as compared to rest of the technology. Yes, we now have Smart TVs and Ultra HDTVs which have taken the game to the next level. But with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu getting popular, the way content is delivered to the viewers is always changing. Now amidst all these changes, the way we listen to television audio has remained pretty much the same.


Blipcast is a tiny box that connects to your TV or any other audio system and uses the Wi-Fi network to beam sound to your smartphone. The device works via a companion app that is expected to support both Android and iOS devices. All the user needs to do is accept the connection on the mobile device following which the audio will be streamed at 16-bit and 44.1KHz and can be listened to via the usual cell phone headset. The Blipcast comes as a boon for elder folks and it will also let viewers watch the TV without disturbing others. The best part about Blipcast is that unlike other wireless headsets you wont be needing a dedicated headphone and instead can use the usual headphones. And yes, multiple folks will be able to privately listen to the TV audio via their own headphones.

Blipcast had been earlier conceived as a hobby project by four friends and the initial feedback they received is that most folks wanted Blipcast to silence the other family members. Another important use case will be for parents and elderly who are hard of hearing and invariably turn on the TV at higher volumes.

Well the TV to wireless headphone streaming is not something completely novel as we had been using wireless headphones from the mid 90’s which worked on radio waves and came with a transmitter and a receiver. Blipcast’s $99 price tag might also deter customers from buying the same adding to the woes is the shipment date of November 2016. An apt solution will be to introduce a more basic variant of the Blipcast which will be priced lower and yet offer the essential functions.

Blipcast is expected to later expand to the public domains and users will be able to tune in selectively at the sports pub which would be simultaneously showing multiple games at different screens.

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