For centuries, dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend, and the pain associated with losing the friend can be immense and devastating for the owner. As of now not much has been done when it comes to tracking pets except for the traditional collar which would have the owner’s details etched on it. With the smart devices looming at large, it was only a matter of time before we actually got a full-fledged tracker for canines.


Tethr is a new GPS Dog tag that heralds with a previously unheard of battery backup and it is uber affordable. Unlike other GPS trackers, Tether don’t charge a monthly subscription fee and instead if your pet goes missing, they will charge $0.05 for each ping of its current location.

Tethr is designed in lines with the traditional dog tag and it also lets owners engrave the pets name and contact info on the same, and just to mention it is waterproof and is designed to suit the dog’s active lifestyle.


The Dog Tag will be associated with a unique ID and will connect to the companion app on the smartphone. The app is the place wherein you can toggle all the settings and also add a payment method to the app. According to the company, an average user will need to ping less than 10 times bringing the effective service charge down to just $0.50. The dog can be tracked on real-time basis by pinging the current location.


The Tethr combines the signals from both its SIM card and a GPS receiver to locate the pet accurately anywhere in the world and it also makes use of Bluetooth LE whenever the pet is in close range thus further saving on the battery. The app also included the usual geo fencing feature which will alert you if the pet ventures out of a pre-set area. As we exclaimed earlier, the battery lasts for a staggering 3-years post which all you need is to plug it in and charge it up then you will be ready to go for another three years.

Tethr will be launching their crowdfunding project by the end of March 2016, and are currently in prototyping phase. You can check them out on their website or let us know if you want us to review this pet gadget.

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