Spotify Shows was on works from quite some time and now the video streaming service will shortly be leaving the Beta phase and will be rolling out for the masses. Spotify Shows is a new video streaming service which would be delivering content like shows and shorter videos thus indirectly pitting it against the likes of YouTube and Snapchat Stories.


The video service has been baked into the Now section of the app, although it was announced way back in May, it is now that we are seeing an increase in the content. Spotify seems to have sealed a deal with ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, ESPN, BBC, Conde Nast, Fusion, Maker Studio, TED and Vice News. Spotify is planning to offer relevant TV and news clips to the users somewhat similar to the clips of shows like The Tonight Show on YouTube. Further the app will also be curating clips under the umbrella of “News of the Week” or something similar.

As of now this is a mobile only feature and the Shows has been first introduced to Android, which is so unlikely of Spotify. The rollout for the Android users has already begun and by the end of the week it will be iOS users who will be treated with the new feature. That being said, it is still unclear on when the video feature will make the cut for Windows devices as well.

Spotify has been undoubtedly one of the best music streaming services currently available and adding the video feature will be more of a value addition. It is unlikely to pull in new users with the video services but at the same time it will keep the current users hooked to Spotify and before you ask No, Spotify is currently not aiming to earn revenue from the videos. What the company is trying to do here is create an ecosystem of audio and video content which would then be curated based on the users in app activity.

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