The smartphone and the PC market slowdown has sent jitters to manufacturers who were pegging on staggering sales targets. Lenovo has been correcting its approach every now and then, and it has been able to carve a niche for itself in the affordable smartphone segment. Additionally, having Motorola under its umbrella should help Lenovo further leverage the stronghold in the smartphone market.


Amidst the number crunching and strategies to get back on track, Mr. Yang, CEO of Lenovo said something that grabbed our attention, Lenovo seems to be enroute in launching a “more innovative, more attractive” Motorola device in July for the U.S market. Though not much can be deduced by the announcement, but it most likely points at a new Motorola line up this year which would sport a refreshed design approach and may include all the new features it has been missing out on.

That being said, Mr Yang seems to be still optimistic about growth in emerging markets including India, Middle East and Africa. He further also drew an anology with Apple saying that the company had already hit the ceiling in the U.S market, while Android still has scope to grow. Mr Yang’s statement resonates with the fact that Apple has recently reported its slowest paced growth since its incorporation in 2007 and for the very first time its revenue has actually taken a dip. PC sales seem to have taken a plunge as well with the sales of PC falling to their lowest in 2015.

Lenovo has been pitching its products aggressively especially in India, it recently launched the Vibe X3 which shapes up to be a great smartphone in the sub Rs 20,000 price bracket. The K3 Note and the K4 Note also seem to be doing good and as a brand, Lenovo’s appeal is extending to multitude of buyers.

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