Retro always has its own charm, be it the old Nintendo games or the Marvel comics, they all seem to stir up memories of our childhood. The Windows 95 was my first encounter with the computers way back in 1997 and thanks to a developer named Andrea Faulds we can relive those memories.


The developer has created a website that simulates the Windows 95 by leveraging the DOSBox emulator. In order for the simulator to run on browser, the DOScode has been converted into Javascript.

Well, that being said, the Windows 95 has very little to offer on the utilitarian front as it is basically just a skin deep simulated OS and is pretty much one dimensional. However, what you could still relish though is the barebones OS of the bygone era and thus realize by how many folds the user experience has been enhanced in the last few years.

Firing up the simulator will greet you with the signature Windows 95 login sound post which one can just fiddle around with the settings. I was surprised to see the limited features but yet was taken back by the way an actual operating system was implemented wayback in the 90’s. It also made me realize that the operating system was light enough to be blended into an simulator unlike the latest operating systems which would need you to install a virtual drive.

Just like I said before, it is very likely that Windows 95 has been our generations first encounter with the computers and for these folks it would be a great way to relive those memories. In the meanwhile, I would rather recommend you to try out the Windows 95 in the normal screen as opting for full screen made my machine to hang up on me.


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