Google wants to make the web a safer place and thus it has introduced a new feature which would warn users about the deceptive sited that may be trying to encourage the users to click on their misleading ads. These ads don’t just intend to earn revenue by forcing users to click but they would also install an application which would further pose risks to the users.


The deceptive download buttons are something we have been dealing with for quite a long time, websites include Download button which would lead to the compromised site and thus provides a window for the attackers. The unwanted software might also reveal your credit card numbers and other personal details.

Google’s Safe browsing would protect the users from such deceptive embedded content which will also include the social engineering ads. Lately attackers are sparing efforts to not only make the ad look as genuine as possible, but also display a relevant message to lure users into downloading the same. For instance, I use a Nexus 5X and the attacker would target me with messages like “Your Nexus 5x is out of date, click here to update”, these are the kind of taglines that would make gullible users fall prey.

On the contrary if your site is flagged off for social engineering content all you need to do is troubleshoot with the search control and alternatively also check out Google’s social engineering help for webmasters. These malicious adverts are something that could disturb the balance of the Internet Ecosystem and for one thing such are the ads that will scare off users who in all likelihood might opt for an adblocking software, thus denting the revenue channel for clean websites. The bottom-line if you find the “Deceptive Site Ahead” warning on any of the webpages you are visiting, it would be a wise thing to steer away.

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