Samsung has been fiddling with S-Pen and its enclosure a lot and now it seems that they have applied for a patent which would not just accommodate the S-Pen without any hassles but would also double up as a kickstand. The S-Pen has been one of the USP’s of the Galaxy Note series and recently it was in the news after many users reported that the S-Pen was jamming while removing it from the holster.


The media consumption on cell phones has definitely increased over the years and it is simply not comforting enough to hold the phone in a single hand and watch movies for hours. Smartphone users have been buying phone cases with folding kickstands but the new patent is all set to make such cases redundant. The patent application points at the fact that Samsung might very well incorporate that in the upcoming Note 6 smartphone later this year. The patented stylus is more made up of a linkage which will allow it to bend and support the phone like any other kickstand would do.

It is also quite possible that Samsung might introduce this as an accessory for the entire Note line-up in which case it would be a worthwhile investment for the Galaxy Note owners. Now this patent shows how Samsung has added an extra layer of utility to the already indispensable S-Pen. The patent further points out that the kickstand will lock itself once in the position and needs realignment to be used as a stylus.

The new stylus can be a great thing because users don’t have to buy an additional cover for kickstand and getting rid of sloppy cover always translates into a better looking phone. Let’s wait and watch if this actually translates into a real product or stay as a mere patent like countless others that are applied every year. Samsung has been willing to experiment a lot in the past, so we won’t be betting against them.

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