Security systems have been evolving lately and with the onslaught of IoT and smarter security devices, the things are sure to change. Data has been the treasure for many of us and we cannot just afford to lose the data or even let anyone fiddle with it. The Sensor-1 is a security device designed for the same, it helps you ward off intruders, avoid data thefts and also make sure your tiny toddler has not mistaken your laptop for his favorite toy.


The Sensor-1 is very small, in the sense it is of the size of a coin and it can be stuck to different surfaces with an adhesive 3M command strip. The Sensor pretty much acts up as a stripped down version of the usual surveillance system. This tiny sensor is capable of detecting moments, alert you when you leave the machine behind and it will also track how and when it is moved.

The Sensor-1 apparently maps the environment and stores a measurement, any changes in the same will triggers an alarm. The Sensor-1 employs a slew of sensors including gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer all to map the environment and to see if the device actually moves and even if it does by what degrees does it move.

As expected, the Sensor comes with a companion smartphone app which will let you set up how the alarm goes off, it can be anything from an actual sound to just lights glowing up. The app will be initially available for iOS and the Android version is not expected until late 2016. Further, the Sensor-1 also comes with pre-sets for different objects like the bags, briefcases, box and accordingly the alarm will not go off until the object is moved by a certain predefined measure. This means that you don’t need to tweak the settings every time you use the Sensor-1 for different objects.

Unlike other finders, the Sensor-1 takes into account motion in all the three axis including the yaw and the roll thus also allowing the users to know how the object has been moved with reference to the Spatial environment.

The battery life is of essence when it comes to such devices and this tiny little blip can run for an entire year with no lights or alarm. The Sensor comes equipped with a coin cell battery which as all of us know is easily replaceable and hey if you are looking out on buying this Sensor it is already up on Indiegogo for a pledge of $79. The video clip below will walk you through the capabilities of the Sensor-1

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