If you are working online most of the time and also syncing up with colleagues, it is most likely that you would come across a lot of litter which would harm the productivity. As we are already aware, Internet can be a large ocean of distraction and managing your tasks and schedule is of prime importance. I have been using a handful of task managers and calendar apps over the years, and although they do help me on utility front, it sure takes some time to get about it.


We are compelled to talk about the Chrome extension Todoed, Ask why? The Answer is that it’s extremely simple and blends in with the Chrome browser in just the right way. So here is what Todoed does, it lets you select any text on the browser and set a task, and the tool will also allow you to share or assign the tasks to your co-worker.

The Todoed dashboard smells of simplicity, it comes with the following tabs – Important, Normal, Todoed to Me, Todoed to others and Done. Additionally, you can setup a todo reminder right from the dashboard. The best part of the tool is that it can pick up the text from anywhere including your Slack chatroom and E-mail.


Once assigned, the todos are segregated on the dashboard based on the categories we mentioned before and each todo will be accompanied with two toggles, one for ticking the task complete and another for deleting the task. Now comes the point where in I’m left searching for features like comment or even heart a task, stuff that other task managers usually come baked with, but Todoed doesn’t seem to incorporate any of those, atleast for now.


The Todoed however is still riddled with some bugs which impacts the utility of the tool. For instance, the tasks added will be displayed on the dashboard only after selecting “Today” filter whereas all the tasks should be generally displayed on the dashboard. The Chrome plugin icon indicator has a dysfunctional counter, i.e it fails to show users the number of tasks pending or assigned. It would have been great if the tool showed a “Successfully added” message after adding the task since it is now impossible for the users to know if the task has been actually added to the list.

That being said, Todoed is still in Alpha and it is more likely that all these bugs would be sorted out once it hits production, until then Todoed is a seriously awesome task marking tool that needs to strive in order to become a better task manager. The developers however have promised that they have a Slack bot in the pipeline along with a Gmail bot.

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