Technology is growing at a frighteningly scary pace with the self-driving cars and devices talking to one another, and now Nissan seems to have developed something crazy enough to catch our attention. Remember the after meeting scene in the office, how the chairs are all strewn around until someone actually comes and stacks it up, well thanks to the self-parking chairs from Nissan, this is going to be a thing of the past.


The new chairs can be a great deal for people who are too lazy to push their chairs back, the chair will be able to make 360-degree turns, choose the target location and push itself towards it. Now the chances are that it might look spooky for those who don’t know, and your office might get the “haunted” tag a little too easily!

At the outset, the chair resembles the usual run of the mill office furniture but a clap of your hand will make the chairs realign themselves. The room will be fit with four or more motion sensing cameras at strategic locations, these will be able to beam the position and the route it needs to follow which would be followed by the motorised chair. The cameras are Wi-Fi controlled and Nissan says that they “generate a bird’s-eye view to wirelessly transmit the chairs position and its route to destination.”

In all likelihood, these chairs are something that you won’t find in your office anywhere in the near future as it is but evident that Nissan wants to showcase the self-parking ability in its future cars – something that Tesla has already been testing. That being said, technology is slowly becoming something that makes us borderline lazy and well it is here to stay.

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