Smartphones these days have been endowed with quiet a generous amount of computing prowess but the only shortcoming is that most of the power will still be unused as we don’t usually trust our phones with heavy tasks. NexDock is a new $79 dock that promises to turn your Lumia 950 into a full-fledged laptop. The NexDock offers a 14-inch monitor mated to a Bluetooth keyboard and a built in battery.


The NexDock puts the new Continuum feature for the Windows 10 into good use and turns your Windows phone into a laptop, however if you don’t own a Windows phone, fret not as the NexDock will still be supporting other smartphones via the HDMI port. We have been recently witnessing the surge in the number of miniature computers inclusive of the uber affordable Raspberry Pi and the Asus Chromebit.

In essence, the NexDock can be connected to any of the miniature PCs, tablets or smartphones and turned into a full size computer that would last for more than a day on a single charge. Moreover, the NexDock can also be used as a secondary portable monitor which can be a boon for folks who need multi-screen workstations. The dock can also be used to cast the Android display and AirPlay enabled dual screen games using iPhone as the controller.

NexDock wants the users to experience the versatility of the different operating system and this is achieved by segregating processors and operating system from the display. The best part of the dock is that it can turn your computer into a Chromebook one day and a Ubuntu laptop the another without actually having to fiddle with the OS or setting up a dual boot.

That being said, not all of the smartphones offer the Continuum feature and as of now it is only the Lumia 950 and the 950XL which are doing so. On the other hand, the NexDock can very well be used as a public laptop kiosk wherein users can just plug in their device and get done with the work. The Nexdock comes with a 10,000mAh battery pack and weighs in at 1490 gms. On the connectivity front, it offers 2x USB ports, 1x card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The project is already up on Indiegogo and you can still get your hands on the product by pledging $99. The campaign mentions an estimated delivery of June 2016.

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