Most of us have been using the Google Maps for navigating thanks to its simplicity and the fact that most of the landmarks and businesses have registered themselves on Google. As it happens quiet a lot of times we are forced to take deviations from the routes owning to many reasons and it is at this point that the Google Maps would go berserk, now the company wants to fix this shortcoming with a new update which will not only accept deviations but also help you make decisions based on the reason of your deviations.


The latest update will let you search for and also add an extra stop to your route without the need to exit the navigation. In essence, this feature will give you the liberty to add pit stops and detours without the need to disturb the ongoing navigation. Further, Google Map will also tell you how much more time will a stop add to your trip while you are on the route.

Choosing the Detour on Google Maps

A use case for the same would help us understand the feature better, assume that you are navigating to a certain point and got a call to get some food from the restaurant, all you need to do is tap the “Magnifying Glass on the Top” and this will let you choose from the detours already listed in the drop down, in case your reason for detour is not available, fret not, as users will be able to add customized detours by using voice commands. Next time you want to drop by your favorite coffee shop or if you want to take a quick bite at a nearby eatery joint, Google Maps will come in handy. We would however like to caution you that the detours cannot be planned prior to the journey and you have to do it during the ongoing navigation.

All said and done, Google Maps still needs to make some changes to its navigation feature since it feels left behind as opposed to the Here Maps which offers a more accurate navigation. The new features can be associated with many use cases and it is presumably one of the best features Google Maps had to offer us in the recent past.

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