It is quiet natural for most of our gadgets to be obsolete in an year or two, and Laptops are no different. With the reduced lead time for new products, the consumer electronics industry is heading at a rapid pace. What happens here is that people find it difficult to dispose of their perfectly fine laptops after they upgrade to a newer one and eventually the chances are that it might end up as a e-waste.


Neverware is a company that wants to make sure that you just don’t plonk your old laptop in the bin and are instead able to use the same and how it does it is innovative and pretty simple as well. The company will give a new lease of life to your old laptop by converting it to run Google Chrome by enabling the dual-boot system. Considering the low speeced hardware that the new Chromebooks usually come with, the chances are that your old laptop might be faster than the new Chromebooks.

Neverware has already approached the educational institutions and has proposed that they will be selling the cloud ready software at a very reasonable $59 per piece. This will help educators thrive in the tight budget they are allocated and reuse functional laptops. However, it is very likely that this move will not go down well with both Microsoft and Google as they are trying to gain footholds in the education sector by offering low cost laptops for the students.

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That being said, the dual boot will not work on every machines and it will work only on laptops preinstalled with Windows 7 and further up. Essentially, the dual boot can only be setup on Windows machines installed in the UEFI mode but in spite of this clause it is most likely that it will cover most of the Windows laptops in the last ten years. If you have in your procession an old abandoned laptop in your attic it’s time to dust it up and give Neverware service a spin.

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