Opera has been bringing in new features to help enable quality online content consumption for folks who don’t have access to a better quality network. Opera Mini browser has been known for its data saving capabilities and the ability to render content without the need of high speed Internet.


The latest update however promises better speeds and an increased data savings for video consumption. Opera likes to call it the “video boost” feature and apart from saving the data it is also expected to facilitate a much smoother viewing experience.

If you have already installed Mini Browser all you need to do is head over to data savings and select the checkbox against the video boost option. This new feature is also expected to slash the video loading time and also ensure that the video playback is not choppy and jittery. Further, the feature also shows a count which tells you how many videos have been boosted.

Sunil Kamath, VP South Asia for Opera explained how in India 70 percent of smartphone users use their cellular networks to stream the videos thus eventually ending up with an exhausted data plan pack. The video boost feature is expected to reduce the data by a considerable extent thus ensuring that the users get more bang for their bucks.

The best part of the feature is that it automatically cuts off the data compression when the browser detects Wi-Fi connection and if the Wi-Fi network is in itself congested, you can override and switch on the data saving plan. In addition to this, it would have been a great move if Opera had an automatic data saver feature that would toggle on and off depending on the ping and actual speed of the network it’s latched to. Apart from the aforementioned features, the update also includes a resize feature allowing you to crop pictures and rescale it before uploading, thus letting users save on the data.

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