Google has already a couple of handy features embedded in its search engine for someone looking to visit a place, today however, they’re enhancing the experience with a new addition called “Destinations”. Resulting from a 50% growth on travel queries from mobile users, “Destinations” is currently limited to your smartphone.

Using Destinations isn’t much of a hassle, you just need to type in the location you’re planning to visit and add “destination” or “vacation” at the end. A card will show up containing the matching locations, hit a particular one and a comprehensive page will present location’s general information attractions, hotel prices, best times for a trip, climate conditions, travel guides and more. If you want to, Google allows further specific searches, for instance, you can search “Switzerland skiing” which will bring up a complete catalogue offering everything you need.


That’s not all, Destinations also showcases itineraries from people who’ve been to the place before – that includes places to visit, when they visited, how they travelled and even a map that concludes everything. This new feature is primarily focused on making travel planning hassle free and to achieve that, Destinations provides a comprehensive menu for booking flights with the ability to alter dates, compare hotel prices with flexible dates, basically it provides a one-stop shop for travel bookings. Although, you do have to book the tickets by heading over to websites as this isn’t a standalone application, but just a web search.


Once you’re sure about the location, tap “plan a trip” which will reveal hotels and flights tariffs for the next six months that Google says are pulled from the trillions of flight itineraries and hotels we price every day on Google Flights and Hotel search. You can tap the little pencil icon to alter the results based on your preferences which can include a number of passengers, stops and more. This is something I wasn’t able to find while browsing through a search, probably hasn’t rolled out completely.


Planning a trip is definitely more convenient on a Desktop, raising questions as to why this is a mobile-only feature. Commenting on that, Google justifies by mentioning more than half of the destination queries emerge from mobile searches. Destinations are accurate for the most part and will absolutely help to simplify your next travel plans.

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