Google’s Chrome Experiments have been a testimony to the things a browser can do. Google has been developing different tools to showcase the possibilities, and the latest is the musical tools that can be built. The Google Music Lab is the latest endeavor to help kids or even beginners learn music, and for this very purpose, Google has showcased a bevy of musical tools which are aimed at helping us understand the way in which music is played and composed.


These interactive tools are built on the Web Audio API and is expected to make learning music in school fun and intuitive. Google has divested its efforts for the Music in our Schools month and it believes that learning tools like this are expected to help kids learn better.

Once we open the Google Music labs, it treats us with a set of spectrograms each of which has a special purpose and addresses a particular aspect of music learning. Arpeggios is one such tool that lets you play a single chord note at a time and the disc pattern will let you explore both the minor and major chords.

Oscillator is yet another inclusion of the Chrome Music Lab and this lets you fiddle with the oscillators frequency and also swipe in order to listen to different kinds of oscillators. For those who fancy a turn table, the Music lab also boasts of a spinner that will not just record your voice but will also play it at different tempo and order.

The gist lies in the capability of the Web Audio API which can work as a standalone program without the need for additional plugins. Moreover, the source code for each of the tool is listed at the info page and you are free to tweak it to suit different requirements.

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