Making Nexus devices has been kind of a big deal for the OEMs and every year we take our best shot at guessing who will get to make them. The Nexus 6 was from Motorola, the 6P from Huawei and the 5X by LG. Now a recently signed contract is set to change all this as it is expected to have awarded HTC the right to make Nexus devices for the next three years.


This move comes at a time when LG had announced that it will be ramping down its Nexus efforts. That being said, HTC has been one of the first OEMs to embrace Android at a time when most of the smartphones were powered by the now redundant Symbian OS. If this piece of news is indeed true, then HTC would be in charge of Android N, O and P. The rumor is coming from an obscure Taiwanese site, so take this news with the proverbial pinch of salt.

HTC had manufactured Nexus devices quite a few times and in fact there were times it was solely responsible for the Nexus tablets. Things would be much clearer as we near the next Google I/O in June 2016 which will also unveil the Android N following which the Nexus devices will be unveiled in the second half of the year.

This rumor however contradicts the earlier ones that Google is trying to make its own Nexus devices by procuring the individual components from the suppliers and assembling the device on their own. All said and done, it is evident that Google would still want to have a leash over Nexus phones as it is their flagship line-up best known for the stock Android experience. On the contrary, it would be interesting to see if this move will actually help HTC to gain their lost foothold in the market and remain relevant.

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