When it comes to movies, torrents are still the most preferred way of accessing despite being illegal. Torrent works on sharing content with the help of a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network which dwindles in the grey areas of Internet and is illegal in most of the countries. On the contrary, sharing your DVDs and CDs with friends and families is legal and no authorities can come hounding you for that.


Accessing content has been way much easier since the advent of Netflix (and other video streaming services), and the very fact that Netflix allows you to share the access with your family and friends is in itself a comforting sign. We all have been sitting on a stash of DVDs which we usually watch once or twice after which it rests at peace on the shelf. All of this is set to change with MovieSwap, a KickStarter project that wants to help you share your DVDs with friends in a better and a legit way. It will be made available on Mac, Android, PC and a HDMI dongle will also bring it to TV.

This is how MovieSwap will work, all you need to do is spare a €5 change for a lifetime access to MovieSwap which will also include the early access to the beta of the project. Now the most interesting part is when the MovieSwap team will collect your DVDs and start storing it in cloud so that you can trade it with your friends, who in turn can watch it on any device (yes DVDs and any device in the same sentence). This also brings us to yet another problem with DVDs, unlike Netflix or any other streaming services, you can’t watch them on other devices without ripping the discs which is yet another painstakingly useless effort.

MovieSwap is quintessentially a repository that stores your DVDs in cloud and lets you share it with Millions of friends who are using the program. Viewers on the other hand will be treated to complete experience including the Bonuses and the cut scenes. It goes without a doubt that the rights owner will be severely outraged if millions of people start trading the DVDs globally without actually paying for it. This entire service seems to hinge on a legal loophole that doesn’t make trading DVDs with friends illegal but in all likelihood the rights holder will spin off a legal battle and push MovieSwap towards the grave.

MovieSwap is backed by Videolan, sounds familiar? Well, it’s the same company that made the VLC player. As of now MovieSwap is getting some good response on the KickStarter, but it is early to ascertain if the program will succeed in running with all its glory or will be buggered down by the legal battles. The pitch video below will show you how MovieSwap wants to help “freethemovies”, by the way the project has already raked in a cool €55,451 with 32 days to go, which is way more than the €35,000 goal.

Source: Yahoo

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