At a time when Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are making waves and promising to be the big thing already, Sony’s prototype Holographic projector seems like the irresistible piece of future. Projectors have evolved, but the manner with which we interact with the content has almost remained the same. Sony’s new prototype projector promises to change that by turning any table top into a touch sensitive display.


The Tabletop makes use of depth sensors and motion tracking in order to realize when the objects are placed on the table. This table top will be capable of recognizing finger press by tracking the direction of your hand, furthermore it also recognizes whenever you are just hovering your fingers on the table.

For starters, the “Interactive Tabletop” comes with multitudes of use cases, just imagine an Engineer explaining building blueprints with this, a teacher using the same for an interactive story telling session and to top it all it will also add a fresh whiff of air to the presentations which are usually non intuitive in nature. That being said, the technology still has some time to materialize as a mass produced consumer electronics but the way it takes us forward when it comes to technology curve is indeed fascinating.

On a related note, projectors like this could very well be employed in the VR and Augmented reality ecosystem thus providing an additional layer of input. As of now Sony says that the Future Lab projects are mostly prototypes and it is still not clear on when the product will make it to the market. I have experienced a similar tabletop touch table at one of the mobile launch events and it was really cool on how we could check the company’s products by touching the table top, on the other hand it was also a bit too sluggish whilst responding to our inputs. It is most likely that the projector will see the day light in the imminent feature considering its relevancy and the way it blends in the ecosystem.

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