Cyanogen OS has found its favorite with Android power users and lately the Cyanogen builds are also finding their ways into new Smartphones, thus introducing the average Joe to the cranked up Android based OS. Cyanogen has been mostly prompt when it comes to updates but this time around the Android Marshmallow took some time. The company has finally announced that CM 13.0 will come laced with Android 6.0.1.



Now while you might think that the update doesn’t matter since anyways the Cyanogen is a Custom ROM, you are wrong, as some of the features like Doze are exclusive to the Marshmallow. As of now Cyanogen was mostly offering nightly builds and 13 would be the first snapshot release. Nightly builds are meant for someone who won’t be affected if the phone malfunctions (Like my Nexus 5x running Android N!) and for the stable versions one usually needs to wait a while.

The changelog for the CM 13 will bring in a slew of new features alongside tweaks for the older ones. Settings will now always be in advanced mode, status bar will get new controls, memory usage for a given time frame, new folder UX for viewing protected content, Fingerprint support for protected content, new set of permission protocols and improvised camera app. That being said, some of the following features have been excluded, Whisperpush capability, Quick settings in Notification drawer and Quick unlock.

CM 13.0 complaint C-Apps are not yet available and it is most likely that they might be made available in the upcoming week. If you want to update to the CM 13 check this link for the possible ways in which you can do so and as always we would suggest you to back up the phone before updating or flashing the custom ROM.

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