If you are a drone hobbyist you should be familiar with the new do’s and don’ts from the FAA regulations. The Federal authorities have cordoned off certain areas with high security requirements also including the aircraft bases and the Airport perimeters. It is quite likely that a Drone hobbyist might be oblivious to the cordoned off area and try to fly his drone, mind you this can have very serious implications on not just security of the nation but also the safety of the larger aircraft’s.



In a bid to make things better for the drone hobbyists, FAA has now unveiled an app called B4UFLY, which will let you plan your drone flight path beforehand. If you need to fly nearby to an airport or an airbase it is required to notify the authorities. B4UFLY has a map based interface which tells you about the restricted areas and the radius within which you cannot fly. Moreover, it also shows you real-time flight information much like FlightRadar 24 but only duller and less intuitive.  The app is currently available on the Apple App Store and the Android version seems to be in works.

Coming from a Federal Aviation Authority we wouldn’t have expected the app to be a stunner, it in fact employs a dull and borderline boring UI which might fail to excite. That being said, the app still serves the primary function of letting you know about the restricted areas for drone flights thus allowing drone hobbyists to stay within the framework of FAA’s regulations. Still better DJI drones already come with the no fly zones pre fed into the drones mapping system, so in case you try to fly it there it simply won’t take off.

Lately, Drones have been in for a lot of scrutiny, in fact Indian Airport authorities have made it mandatory for travelers to declare the drone in the customs, a move aimed at keeping a tab on drone imports.

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