Uber is one of the first taxi hailing service that literally revolutionized our daily commute. With the sharp rise in traffic and sluggish vehicular moments it is not easy for the people to commute. Adding to the woes is that fact that commuters usually get stuck in traffic at the fag end of the day, just after getting done with the entire days’ work. I have been using Uber a lot lately and with the addition of new services like UberPool the commute is not only economical but also greener.



Uber has just announced that it will be adding a family profile for the users in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix which will allow you to add up to 10 riders safely and also share the payment method. This had always been a pain point for me as i had to logout every time i wanted to book Uber for my parents and there was a point wherein my Uber account was suspended for the same. Now with the family profile people would be able to not only hail Uber for their family and friends but also pay for their ride via a common payment method.

The modus operandi seem pretty straight forward, once you install the latest update for the app all you need to do is head over to settings and select “Add a Family Profile”. Now you will be asked for the contacts to be added. The family member who has been added will be getting a request upon accepting which they will be added to the list.

Once you have added the family member now they can ride using your payment method and the trip will be billed to the Family Profile resulting in the organizer receiving the receipt for every ride. While at the outset this might not seem to be a mention worthy feature, just think about the problems it will be solving. Parents would be able to pay for their kids trip, they would also be able to track them in case of an emergency and if you have elderly parents who are not comfortable with the booking process the family profile will come to rescue. These are only some of the use cases and the Family profile is far more useful than that. On a related note we just hope that Uber introduces this feature globally.


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