Apple has been pushing its wearable game with new services and updates being introduced rapidly. However, the one of the deterrent for customers in was the price tag of $349. At their event today, the Cupertino giant finally sweetened the deal after slashing the price off by 50$, for the base model.


The watch also gets a slew of new bands which Tim Cook proudly calls the “Spring Edition”, it includes a new woven nylon band that flaunts a four layered construction for better feel and comes in a variety of colors ranging from Pink, Orange, Blue and Black. The sport and leather bands also are upgraded with new shades, detailed information of which is yet to be announced and also, there’s a new space black version of the Milanese band.


Apple’s WatchOS not long ago received some drastic upgrades aimed at providing a much better experience with performance tweaks and a couple of handy features. Apple says the that their smartwatch has received tremendous response all over the globe making it the best-selling smartwatch available in the market, there were no software or hardware upgrades at this event.

Apple also explained in details on how its ResearchKit shaped up in helping people overcome Medical conditions and also announced a new open source CareKit, which is expected to help people know more about their current Medical conditions. The CareKit would also let the users send the detailed report to their Doctors who would be able to monitor their conditions, realtime.

Apple didn’t reveal for now whether the price drop will extend to all the markets, however, in all likelihood it might happen. The next generation Apple Watch doesn’t have any official dates yet, although, it is expected this fall with a bunch of substantial upgrades Apple missed with the first one.


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