The automobile scene has been indulging itself in a paradigm shift. Right from the inclusion of an array of electronic gadgets in car to the self driving cars. Now Samsung has come up with a new concept windshield that also shapes up as an HUD and beams different features along with notifications.



Keeping a tab on our smartphone while riding a bike is relatively difficult as opposed to a car, since the car usually comes with a display on the dashboard hooked up with the audio system. Samsung’s latest innovation brings your display on the bikes windshield and will allow the users to access certain important functionalities of the phone without actually taking out the smartphone from the pocket.

It is common for bike riders to fumble and search for their smartphones in the pocket for every notification and to do this safely they also need to bring to the curb, something that is not always possible. The windshield works pretty much in line with the way a smartwatch would, except that the display is actually on the windshield. The windshield connects to a companion app on the phone via Wi-Fi.

The rider would be able to view texts, calls, emails, notifications from other apps and also an option to send pre-set text to the caller. Additionally, the windshield also displays GPS directions thus acting like an on-board navigation unit. The futuristic windshield comes with a caveat i.e it doesn’t let users respond to the messages or the notifications. On a related note here is a similar device for your phone that would turn a small part of the cars windshield into a display

On the contrary i have had quite a head turning experience when i switched my lane unintentionally and was about to enter the wrong side of the road, all thanks to the GPS module on my car’s windshield. While we cannot rule out the fact that riders might be actually distracted we also need to understand that the windshield is still in conceptual state and it is very likely that Samsung might bring in play a few critical improvisations. The video below will explain you on how the windshield actually works.

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