As promised a couple of weeks back, OnePlus has finally announced OxygenOS 3.0 that brings Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 to the OnePlus 2. After numerous soak tests, this update is still currently limited to community builds and you won’t receive a public OTA until it has been safely approved by the testers. OnePlus does say in their blog post that the update is almost ready, however, they still want to clear things out before releasing it for the general audience.


Along with the stock Marshmallow goodies including Doze Mode, Now on Tap and others, OxygenOS itself gets some neat little changes and improvements customers have been demanding for a while. The Camera app UI has been revamped and now supports swipe gestures to switch between different modes. Other settings including the flash and HDR have a new spot in the top right corner and it now lets you change the aspect ratio and toggle grid view without firing up the settings menu every time.

There’s a new wallpaper picker which lets you preview and set wallpapers for both the home and lock screen in one place. OnePlus’s Shelf UX gets some overhauls, there’s no longer an “Edit Mode”, for now on, you just need to long press boards to rearrange or remove elements. OnePlus also states that post the update, the flagship phone benchmarks 47% faster compared to OxygenOS 2.2.1, however, that can vary on your device. Fingerprint performance has finally been addressed and it is almost 45% quicker now as per OnePlus. Marshmallow also brings native app permissions replacing OnePlus’s own attempt to provide that on Android 5.1. Alert slider, finally, has more customization options and there are some minor changes in the settings menu for better readability.

OnePlus has mentioned some cautions which won’t be new for regular testers, although, if you’re new to this, make sure to check them out. There’s always a chance for networking and battery issues with these releases. We would suggest waiting for the final OTA which definitely won’t take long.

Availability of the update for the OnePlus X is unspecified, although, they did promise that it will be released somewhere around April. Moreover, OnePlus One is also planned to get the CyanogenMod 13 update soon.

Head over to OnePlus’s forums to get quick reviews from users and try it out on your own.

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