Facebook has been bringing quite a bunch of new features for its Video options, first it was the Mentions for public figures, then the 360-Degree video and now they want to bring live feed to all the Facebook groups so that they can share the events with the users or the fan following.

Facebook_Live_feature_1Identical to most of the other live streaming services, viewers would be able to comment and react to the ongoing live stream on real time basis. Facebook is hoping that with Live for iOS and Android they might be able to target even the professionals like Journalists and Musicians who could broadcast their shows for the Facebook users. This might also shape up as a great tool for the families to broadcast their moments of their kids’ lives.


The initiative called “Going Live” will let Facebook groups and Facebook Events go live thus allowing the people to broadcast their shows. The possibilities can be endless, imagine your gym instructor giving an online lesson for your workout at the comfort of your home, or you are learning that much anticipated Guitar classes without having the need to step out. Facebook Live can potentially bring a plethora of changes on how we actually RVSP to an Event, maybe next time around we will get an option that says “RVSP on Facebook Live.” Next time there is an event you can’t attend, maybe you will still be able to partake in the same without having to be physically present at the venue.

Facebook has also tossed in a few extras in the form of Live Reactions, Replay comments and Live Filters. Live Reactions is akin to the recently introduced Facebook Reactions except for the fact that these reactions pop up on the video playback so that broadcasters can instantly get a feel of how the video is faring. Another good bit is that comments will be replayed even when user is viewing a pre-recorded video.

If you want to live broadcast an event send out invitations to your friends and you are all set to go once they accept. Dedicated Place is yet another new feature that interests me, this new feature geo tags the places and you can watch any live video from your friend at that particular location, additionally you can also watch a non-live video and can go live from the place. In order to help you find the content in a better way Facebook has also introduced Live Map, a feature that would let you choose from the broadcast by referring to an intuitive live map. All of the aforementioned features will be rolling out for Android and iOS in the upcoming weeks.

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