Facebook Messenger has hit yet another milestone of 900 Million users and with this the company has decided to introduce a bunch of new features aimed at helping customers interact with business owners. According to Facebook nearly one billion messages are being sent out by the customers to the business owners every month.



Facebook pages are often the point of contact for customers to interact with the business owners and owing to its convenience it will also help the businesses to take the feedback and improvise on their offerings. The one on one communication channel is also expected to bring about a personal touch to the entire conversation.

In order to make it easier for the people to search the businesses Facebook has started bringing the username to the limelight. As you might be already aware every page at the end has a unique username which can be edited, now users can just punch in this username to find the page. The best part is that you can search the businesses associated with the username even in the messenger app.

Messenger links is yet another new feature which will allow users to start a new thread bu scanning the usercode. As a Business owner all you need to do is create a short and sweet link which will be converted to a coded image. The businesses will also be able to setup a greeting message which can be edited from the settings menu.

Facebook and Messenger together boast of Billions of users and the decision to directly blend in businesses on Messenger seems to be a great idea. Whenever I have to enquire about a new service in the neighborhood or even a new restaurant I prefer dropping a message on their page. On the other hand, Business owners will not only be able to communicate with the customers directly but they can also zero in on their target audience and maybe send them customized offers.

Source: Facebook

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