To begin with I am not a coder/developer but in the past years I have been in the close proximity of some at my previous workplaces. Every developer’s nightmare is when they run the code they have written and push it into production. After burning midnight’s oil and stacking along different modules it is but unproductive for a code to go wrong.

String_solutionMicrosoft and HackerRank together have worked along and have apparently come out with a solution for the same. The next time a coder pastes his code in the Bing browser he will be rendered with a live code that runs on Bing’s search engine, all of this without having to leave the Bing Search. Usually the Engineers paste a string of code or a command on Google and then surf through the various results until they find what they need. Now this seems to be a rather pointless exercise if the result could pop up at the top on the first go along with the ability to edit the code right there and then.

Take this for instance, If you want to concatenate a string in C# but don’t know the exact command to do so, a simple Bing search will come to your aid. Search for the query and hit enter, Voila! The result with a high level of accuracy will be right in front of you.

Now the most obvious question anyone would have in their mind is What about the other programming languages? Marcelo De Barros, Group Engineering Manager for the UX Features and Shared tools says that users will also be able to check the same solution in a range of other programming languages. If you had always wanted to learn coding then this might be one of the best thing that has happened to you, moreover in all likelihood it will also help the student community to learn better. On a related note it is great to see Bing stepping up on the gas and bringing in innovative features.

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