Robots have been around for a while and the fact that they are getting better at what they do and in due course are capable of doing what an average human being does, is both exciting and equally unnerving. Robots are far from taking over the world and even so they are still busy perfecting a man’s way of life.



Hitachi has unveiled its humanoid robot EMIEW1 in 2005 followed by EMIEW2 in 2007 and now after a gap of nearly 10 years they have unveiled the EMIEW3. The latest humanoid doesn’t look much different from its predecessor but it sure does come with a bunch of new features and improvisations in contrast with the EMIEW2. The humanoid showcased by Hitachi seems to have been designed to help customers, the demo video shows off the robot helping a women find direction to the gallery.

Remember, how the recent Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics hogged limelight after it could stand up despite a fall, the EMIEW3 comes with the same ability. Now for the most interesting part, the humanoid comes with a beating heart, well we are referring to the LED on its chest that blinks continuously to help you know that it is “alive”. However, the personal touch given by the robots like Pepper seems to be missing on EMIEW3.

According to the company the robot will start selling starting from 2018. The only let down is the decade old design of this bot and considering the fierce competition from Robots like Atlas and Pepper this can very well turn out to be Achilles heel for the EMIEW3. Meanwhile, you can keep on spewing conspiracy theory on how robots/cyborgs will take over the world, thus eventually enslaving humans!

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