Jeff Bezos had recently tweeted about a new Kindle and here we are a week later with Kindle Oasis. Now this time around Amazon seem to have divested a major share of their efforts in designing the Oasis and it sure does look different. The sharp departure from the rather boxy rectangular form factor is welcomed. Kindle Oasis is lighter, smaller and it is also thinner than its predecessor.



The novelty of this product however comes at a rather hefty price tag of Rs 23,999 which will include the Kindle along with a charging cover that is expected to last for months on a charge. The Oasis weighs in at 131 grams and is just 3.4mm at its thinnest point. The housing is made up of polymer frame plated with metal thus rendering the much needed resilience of metal without the weight of one.

Being a Kindle reader myself for the past five years, i can’t help but notice how mundane the task of flipping pages with a touch becomes, for this reason the Kindle Oasis comes with an accelerometer that lets you turn the page automatically by tilting the device, funky indeed. The ergonomics of the device have also seemed to be taken a positive turn with the center of gravity shifting towards the palm, which will be handy for single handed reading.

The Paperwhite display now offers 300 ppi and the built in light comes with 60% more LED’s the outer layer is also made out of chemically-reinforced glass that offers the required strength without bloating up the size. The rumor mills had been speculating that the Kindle would be waterproof and alas that’s not the case with Kindle Oasis. The charging cover seems to be a great touch at the first glance before you realize that the usual Kindle Paperwhite lasts for nearly 3-4 weeks considering a reading pattern of 2-hours every day, which is laudable. The Kindle Voyage launched last year starts at Rs 16,499. It would be interesting to see if users will actually take the Amazon’s Premium bait and go for the Kindle Oasis.

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