Android N has been already won accolades for the split screen multitasking functionality and it was last week that the Android N Release 2 started seeding for the developers. The second release however also mentions about “VR Listener” and “VR Helper” along with the necessary parameters for granting permissions. This means that Android users can finally brace themselves for native VR support, a feature that devices like Samsung S7 and Lenovo Vibe K4 Note are already supporting.



Google was one of the first few to spearhead the VR thingy with its Google Cardboard and now it wants the feature to go mainstream. With the Google I/O conference around the corner it is quite possible that the company might announce VR support along with a standalone VR device which would not require a smartphone or a PC to run.

For the VR to go mainstream there does exist quite a few bottlenecks, one being the fact that smartphones autolock themselves after idling for a while this is something Google might take care of by devising a dedicated VR mode. While most of us might perceive the VR technology is still a thing of the future, think again. After a bunch of VR event launches, the Innovative Occulus at the helm and the Google push at making the VR mainstream and the Hollywood studios running after the same the VR does seem to be just around the corner. Moreover Sony, Samsung, OnePlus, HTC have already joined the Oculus platform, it is now only a matter of time before VR becomes mainstream and Android wants to be at the giving end.


Google seems to be baking in a lot of new features in the Android N, unlike the Marshmallow which came into the spotlight mostly because of the doze feature, the Android N does seem to have quite a number of tricks up its sleeve. The Android N as of now comes with Split screen feature, probable VR feature, support for pressure sensitive display , improvised notification with a feature to reply within the notification drawer and better battery management system. If you want to take the Android N for a spin i would strongly suggest you to do so with a spare Nexus phone since installing your daily driver with a beta program is nothing short of an impending disaster.

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