HTC Vive has been garnering quite some attention after it was unveiled recently. Now a developer has created a software patch that would let Vive users play Oculus games. As of now the games that work is limited to two, namely Lucky’s Tale and Oculus Dreamdeck. It goes without saying that more games will be lined up for being ported.



Now just like most of the other ported stuff it is quite possible that the patch is difficult to install without an advanced know how of how things work. A developer who goes by the name LibreVR has already put up the patch on the Github and this means anyone can download it and use. Additionally, ArsTechnica has reported positively that they were able to run Lucky’s Tale through the SteamVR.

Now here comes the caveat, the ported game we are talking about can only be played through an Xbox controller and cannot be used with Vive’s motion controller. That being said, earlier Oculus users could get games accessible via the StreamVR but the vice versa was not possible. Statement regarding the same from Oculus is however pending and considering the fact that Oculus has been promoting VR in order to make it mainstream it is possible that such a mod might not provoke the ire.

This patch also speaks about the possibilities when it comes to cross platform compatibility, something that would allow the OEM’s to concentrate on the hardware part. In all likelihood the future VR market might boast of games with cross platform compatibility and thus also create an open market for game developers. HTC Vive is up for preorder in 26 countries priced at $799 which is a $200 premium over the Oculus rift.

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