A couple of months back Netflix finally set its foot in India and also 129 other countries, the joy was however short-lived when subscribers found out that the Netflix content in India was thinner as opposed to the US and most of the famous TV shows were missing. Regional content was also the part of the initial offering in Netflix, but now Netflix wants to increase the ante.


As we are already aware, the streaming service is having a successful streak with its original shows including House of Cards, Narcos and Orange is the new Black, it is shows like these that create a differentiating factor as opposed to the other streaming services. However, the recent earning report from Netflix depicted a 2.23M growth in US and 4.51M overseas, but it also gave away a little secret.

This is what an excerpt from the announcement had to say “We will also premiere the original films The DoOver, Adam Sandler’s second film for Netflix, Special correspondents featuring Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana, The Fundamentals of Caring starring Paul Rudd and Brahman Naman from the maverick Indian Director Q.” Netflix signing up Indian directors for their TV shows is a rather bold move by the company, a move that evidently depicts how serious Netflix is about its Indian prospects. The movie will be streamed globally.

Directed by Quashiq Mukherjee the Brahman Naman is a rather quirky tale of a quizzing team that goes to Kolkata in a quest of winning the all-India finals, but what follows is a rather hilarious escapade into the life of three friends set in the Bengaluru of the 1980’s.

Now the deal doesn’t come cheap for Netflix and is has reportedly spent a sum exceeding a Million dollars. Netflix seems to be vouching for the Indian market and the with the number of Internet users on the rise it might not be a bad thing after all but that being said streaming is still a task in India thanks to the crippled connectivity. The new regional additions and local shows in Netflix will not just help it gain relevancy to the Indian users but also to open up new avenues for the top talent in India and hopefully one day replace the rather brainless daily soap operas.

On a related note, Netflix will now also be facing stiff competition from Amazon, who launched their standalone video streaming services a couple of days back.

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