Most of the consumers outside of China associate LeEco as a brand that comes up with affordable smartphones packed with beefy innards. However, what goes unnoticed is the fact that LeEco is still a company that swears by its ecosystems of devices and the content streaming feature it has to offer. In fact, in China LeEco is known for streaming a majority of musical concerts and other live event, mostly exclusive.



LeEco launched Le 2, Le 2 Pro and the Le Max 2 at an event in China however the announcement that they are going to bring in TV and VR headsets to India has garnered quite a lot of attention. In fact, this is a big move considering the fact that Xiaomi is still deliberating to bring its TV’s for the Indian market. Now LeEco would not just be bringing in their TV’s and VR but also supplement the offering with content.

LeEco will shortly be announcing the details about its content partnership in detail soon and this move comes at a time when Netflix has just stepped its foot in India and the other domestic streaming services are trying to get some traction. LeEco has reportedly inked a deal with Eros Now which will allow the Indian users to watch movies on Eros free for a year. The news is that LeEco has already started setting up cloud networks in India and this is something that speaks about the serious nature of LeEco India plan.

The 3rd and the 4th Gen TV’s from LeEco might help them gain a foothold when it comes to content streaming services as they will be able to package their offerings in a better way since they also take care of the hardware. LeEco is also setting up warehouses across the country and logistics will still remain as one of the main concern for the company. That being said it would also be interesting to see how LeEco will market their TV’s and VR products and if they will choose the offline route to do so.

The 3rd Gen LeEco Tv is expected to make way to India first and will be followed by the 4th Gen TV. The company says that the new TV’s and VR will start shipping to India starting from June or July.

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