Google unveiled its latest generation of Chromecast last year and it is now that the Chromecasts have been finally released in India. Both the Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio have been priced at Rs 3,399 on the Google Play Store and the devices are also expected to be made available across the major ecommerce stores in the immediate future. The design of the Chromecast 2 was something that grabbed eyeballs, not to mention the bright colours it retails in. The circular formfactor of the Chromecast marked a departure from the plain rectangular design of its predecessor.



The Chromecast will be sold in yellow and red color options and will support 5GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ac along with its Fast Play Feature. Chromecast now heralds with an extended set of applications that support direct cast, which means that now you can access an increased number of apps and games on your TV. The search bar searches for programs across different streaming apps thus siding for better content discovery. Wynk music, Netflix, Twitch, Google Play movies, Eros Now, Yupp TV, Ditto TV are some of the apps that are currently supported by the Chromecast.

The New Chromecast will be able to cast videos at 1080p provided that the device supports it. Another impressive feature addition is the Google Photos, since most of us already use it on our Android phones now it can also be used to cast the images on the larger display. Fast Play lets you fire up a stream or resume a previously interrupted stream.

Chromecast Audio comes as a bliss for folks who listen to audio via a home theatre or an arrangement of audio equipment’s. This device can be directly plugged into your speakers and this will bless you with the ability to stream audio directly to the speakers, of course wirelessly. The good part is that the audio is uncompressed thus ensuring literally no audio loss due to streaming. The guest access mode will let guests to stream their music despite of not being connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This post will help you understand the nifty new features Chromecast comes with and how you would be able to use the same as a user.

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