Update: Apple India has squashed the report as being baseless. Any increase in online prices are due to the new government regulations for online eCommerce firms prohibiting them from offering predatory discounts/pricing.

In a surprising turn of events, Apple has drastically raised iPhone prices by up to 29% in India. Products including the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6S will now be sold at a much higher cost across all offline as well as online retailers. Apple majorly aims to justify iPhone SE’s price tag which is apparently been performing poorly in Indian markets.


iPhone SE that was not long ago launched in India received harsh criticisms as its price tag was directly clashing with the much better, iPhone 6S which was being sold for around Rs 40,000 for the 16GB variant. However, that was only because the company didn’t withdraw the aggressive discounts they were offering in January-March 2016 period. Now, past the revision, the iPhone 6S will be available for a whopping Rs 48,999 for the 16GB variant and the older iPhone 6 for almost Rs 42,000. The alternation has also affected base prices of the iPhone 5S model, it will now cost you around Rs 22,000 instead of Rs 18,000.

Sources mention that Apple recently held a meeting with top executives and key distributors in India, especially in view of the launch of iPhone SE. “The stock of SE was in any case kept at a low level and a strategy is being worked out to pitch the device more effectively.”, revealed the source. Troubles also pour in for Apple this year as Samsung’s flagship phones turned out to be a huge success with sales nearly twice the numbers achieved by the previous-generation models in the same period.

Adding more on the SE’s triumph’s hurdles, the source said that size is also one of the vital issues. “Customers in India are rapidly shifting to larger screen-sized phones, even at the lower-end of the market. A lot of data is consumed on smart devices and smaller ones do not find much favour with buyers,” a source said.

Even with this desperate adjustment, the success of Apple’s new SE looks almost impossible with too many obstacles. The device stands at 1-2 star ratings on e-commerce sites and even if the price goes down in future, it’s tough to see too many people in India being interested in a compact flagship. In an attempt to popularize their latest entrant, Apple might be sacrificing sales of existing products.

Source: TOI
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