Smartphones are becoming more powerful day by day and with the increase in the power arises the need for better battery capacity. Manufacturers in general cannot squeeze in more battery capacity for a given size of the phone, doing so would result in a rather ugly and disproportionate design. Smartphones need to last at least for a day but this perquisite is being squashed by the fact that the usage pattern is going north. Enter Powerbanks, the saviors for many of us have been these powerbanks but despite of packing in a capacity of up to 16000 mAh and even more they fail to cater for all kind of devices. Powerbanks can be used for a daily routine but what if you need power supply for more than a few days and want to go off grid, well Anker seems to have solution for just that.

Anker_PowerhouseMeet Anker’s PowerHouse, a boombox shaped powerbank that packs a Goliath 434Wh battery which can theoretically charge your smartphone for an entire month. If you are a camper this powerhouse might be the next thing on your bucket list as it not only powers the smartphones but also mini-fridges, laptops and even a bulb for up to hundred hours.

A quick glance at the Anker powerhouse will tell you that this isn’t something that you carry to work every day or keep in your car, the PowerHouse is meant to supply power for a couple of days and the use case can be extended to any device with up to 15V power. The PowerHouse doesn’t come cheap at $600 and if it helps pre-ordering will discount the price further to $500. As we said earlier the Powerhouse is not something that everyone of us would need and folks who would need it the most may not mind the price tag. The best part of the Powerhouse is yet to come, yes it does charge using solar power and this is something that will allow the campers to remain off the grid infinitely.

The PowerHouse comes with a triple output mode, a 12V car socket, an AC outlet and for your gadgets four fast charging USB ports. The PowerHouse might come as a great relief for campers who would otherwise had to rely on the bulky lead acid batteries known for its niggles.

As of now the Powerhouse is only available in and we would love to see such gadgets on as well.

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