Bigflix seems to have finally woken up from slumber as Reliance Entertainment has announced that it will be relaunching its movie streaming service. Eight years ago, it was Bigflix that first introduced the concept of streaming services for the Indian consumers and I can’t help but be nostalgic about how I would wait for several minutes to buffer the movies on Bigflix back in those days, thanks to the slow Internet speeds.


It seems that Reliance Entertainment has sensed an opportunity once again when it comes to Indian market which is being shaped up by the recent influx of streaming services including Netflix. The relaunch is scheduled to happen next week and with this Bigflix is expected to being in a whole new level of change when it comes to its library and streaming quality.

Netflix is currently being thwarted by the local competition, including the recently launched Hotstar premium which offers US TV shows on the same day of telecast for its Indian viewers. Hooq is yet another streaming service that offers a diversified local content along with the US TV shows for Indian customers.

The issue with Netflix is that it doesn’t offer many popular TV shows in India yet whereas the other streaming services including Hotstar do offer the same. The reason behind this is that Netflix has been producing a lot of originals lately including Narcos, House of Cards and Daredevils. These shows are scoring high when it comes to viewership but at the same time they are also invoking the wrath of original content producers like HBO. With Netflix seen as a competitor, HBO is preventing it from licensing its content and this may come down heavily on Netflix. On the contrary, other streaming services are straying away from producing their own content and instead partnering with content providers like HBO. BigFlix hopes to do the same.

As of now Bigflix is more of a scattered collection of movies with no TV shows or live content. The movies library is also nothing to write home about, we just hope that the relaunch will fix all of these issues and usher in a completely revamped Bigflix.

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