The Android Gmail app has been very consistent over the time despite the addition of several new features it’s one of the few apps that has rarely let me down. A recent update has bought with it the ability to use Android Gmail app for mail flow and calendars with Microsoft Exchange. Previously, the complete access to use dual delivery mail system comprising of both Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange was just limited to some of the Nexus devices and with this update any Android users can use Exchange servers.



The update seems to be still at works and most probably Google will be rolling out the same in a few days. Post the update users will be treated to a new Exchange option which would let them sync up both the accounts simultaneously. It has been quite a while since Google has supported third party providers including Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail but that being said it lacked the Exchange feature which as we said earlier was only restricted to some of the Nexus devices.

The Gmail app on the iOS however still lacks most of these features and is still restricted to support the Gmail accounts. While some of us might not be familiar with the Exchange mails, most of the large corporate use the same in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook for their communication needs. The Exchange mails are considered secure since they are usually setup on the companies dedicated Exchange mail servers. It is most likely that Google will be updating the Gmail app with the Exchange support by the end of this week.

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