It was only recently when I had to change my backpack did I realize that choosing one was not at all an easy task. The backpacks come in different configurations, capacity and designs but for me the primary concern is always the question on how well it will carry all my stuff. It is but obvious that whenever we are travelling we tend to carry a plethora of gadgets and accessories and its only fair if all of these had a place of their own in our backpack, just so that they are strewn around.


North Face seems to have judged the consumers quiet accurately and as a result they have come up with Access Pack, a bad ass looking backpack that can carry all your gadgets with grace. The bag comes with an outer shell that adds a very solid and bold dimension to it all the while the laptop compartment is designed to carry a 15-inch device along with a grab handle that will let you pull out the laptop in a jiffy. Before you ask, yes the laptop compartment is water resistant.


Now here’s the coolest thing about the Access Pack, it comes with ejector tabs that will eject your phone and other devices so that you don’t have to scurry the compartments any more. The Access Pack bag retails in black and grey at $235. However, the sad part is that you have to wait till May 26th as the Access Pack has already run out of stock. If you feel that the $235 price tag is a bit too steep, then fret not, you can always buy a normal backpack and pair it with a gadget organizer.

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