One of the most interesting aspect of the Windows 10 is the Redstone update, a major update that brings in new features for the operating system along with improvisations. A screenshot from Reddit user seems to point at the possibility that Microsoft might be finally thinking to incorporate Hand-off feature which will let users transfer their impending tasks from mobile to PC and also the other way around.


The Screenshot from the Reddit user depicts how Microsoft has added a specific toggle for the hands off feature in the Privacy Settings. The description for this feature is outlined as follows “Let apps on your other devices launch apps and continue experiences on this device over Bluetooth. Changes to this setting will apply to everyone who uses this device.”

Apple has been offering the Hand-off feature starting from the iOS 8 and the OS X Yosemite. The feature works on Bluetooth and will let you hand over your apps/work to compatible device without disturbing the state of the work. In all likelihood Hand-off in Windows 10 is also expected to work on Wi-Fi network.

The handoff feature will be a step towards strengthening the Windows ecosystem for Microsoft and this feature works in line with the Continuum concept. The ability to transfer your tasks to another device is something that we all would love to have, imagine you are writing an email on your Windows laptop and need to go out urgently, just Handoff the task and you can resume writing the email on the phone. The use case can be extended to many supported apps including movies and PowerPoint Presentations. The new feature doesn’t come as a complete surprise though, it was announced by Microsoft at the Build developer conference last year and it was on the cards.

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