Google has been working on multiple fronts to come up with new apps that would integrate with the Android devices in a better way and add an extra layer of utility. While Google has already included Flight, Hotel and Holiday booking packages in the Google search result it still doesn’t has a standalone app of its own. Now that is going to change since Google is allegedly building a travel app of its own called Google Trip.



The trips app is already in the testing phase and it is centered over helping users organise their trips along with the usual Google integration. The app is being tested by the members of Google Maps Local Guides program and is expected to be unveiled soon. Google Trips is expected to pull your data regarding the upcoming trips from your email, just like how Google Now does. But the best part is that the Trips app will formulate a schedule all by itself and will include things to do, places to visit, famous restaurant’s and many other such relevant things that might help you as a traveler.

Google already suggests you on the places to go and thing’s to do but the Trips app is expected to take the entire affair a notch up and also help you with the local transportation and the modes of transport available. While some of us might argue that there are already apps like this on the store what we need to understand is the deep integration it would have with other Google apps. Maybe you can just send your entire trip itinerary to your friend’s email or better even let Google manage the spare time you have by suggesting things to do. It also goes without saying that Google will be partnering with several vendors for the services.

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