Whiteboards have remained pretty much the same over the last decade or so. Even with the advent of smart boards it is not possible for most of the folks to upgrade owing to the high cost and the extra efforts needed to install the same. It has always been the case that we struggle to keep up with the presentation and the flow of ideas on the whiteboard. As a student I vividly remember how we struggled to keep up with the Professor when it came to jotting down the notes on the whiteboard.


Kaptivo is an innovative accessory that can potentially turn any normal run of the mill whiteboard into a smart board allowing people to collaborate. The Kaptivo attachment needs to be clamped on the top of the board and it resembles a street lamp.  What Kaptivo does is that it captures everything that’s scribbled on the whiteboard in a digital format, thanks to the advanced image processing module.


The companion app will let the students or the audience go through the writing on the board without the need to take pictures or even prepare a PowerPoint slide. Anyone can be invited to view the whiteboard in real time with a secure invitation and go through the timeline. This very feature will come as a boon to remote teams wherein one is invited for a meeting virtually.

Kaptivo will work with whiteboards of any size up to 6’ x 4’. Inside the Kaptivo lies a CMOS camera laced with a processor, memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. The start-up has also built their own image processing algorithm that analysis the scene in real time and performs the rather difficult task of removing the unwanted objects. So here is what all the Kaptivo does, lets viewers stream notes real time, stores notes and also lets you see how the content of the board changed with respect to time.

The Kaptivo comes with a control pad unit that can be mounted next to the whiteboard, power adapter and of course the Kaptivo unit itself. Another good bit is that you can also connect to the Kaptivo from any of the browsers without the need for an app. If you want to buy Kaptivo for your team in office the project is up on KickStarter. The pledges start from $5 but currently only the pledge slots for $295 and above are available.

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