How did Leonidas react when he saw the Persian hordes gathering at the pass of Thermopylae? Well, we had a similar sensation when Micromax unveiled not one, not two, heck, not even three, but all of fifteen handsets at an event. Was this madness? Or was this… ah, well!

The new Micromax!

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A new iPhone which does not look too new in design terms is not unheard of – hey, the 4S looked exactly like the 4, the 5s was a dead ringer for the 5, and so on. But never before had we seen the Cupertino giant going almost two years back in search of design inspiration. The iPhone 5s is dead, long live the new iPhone 5s… which is also called the SE?

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Big Brother is not the only one looking over your shoulder. Even a stranger will be tempted to peek at your phone if what you are perusing on it happens to be “interesting” enough. Heavens, even if he is on a poster on a wall!

Privacy Please!

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Whatever they might have or not have, the folks at LeEco are not short of words. They made eyebrows rise by calling Apple’s designs obsolete but when they talked about focusing on the Internet, well ahead of hardware and software, we reckon even Sir Jony Ive might have felt a tad concerned.

Oh dear LeEco… #techppmeme

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The Kindle is a wondrous device. You can carry and read hundreds of books in a single device that fits into your pocket. The problem, however, arises when the device itself costs as much as about a hundred books…

Sorry, what's the price again? #kindle #oasis

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Blame it on market saturation, product positioning, the competition, but Apple’s revenue blip has the market worried. And at the cost of committing tech sacrilege, we felt that Steve Jobs might have recommended a spot of Yoga (not the Lenovo type) to sort matters out – not least because the products of a yoga guru are doing rip roaring business in India.

Looking at Baba Ramdev, Steve Jobs would be like… #techppmeme #apple #patanjali #yoga

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