Snapchat and self-destructing messages a combination that has undoubtedly helped Snapchat in its long run. While there is nothing cutting edge about the self-destructing messages, the very fact that now many platforms offer the same is making the feature stand out of the crowd. It was earlier speculated that Facebook Messenger would eventually come up with a similar feature and now its kind of confirmed for iOS.



Privacy has been on the top of the bucket list for messaging app platforms and ever since WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption the race for privacy has further picked pace. The self-destructing feature we are now talking about is a part of revelation made by the Twitter account @iOSAppChanges, who also posted the screenshots of the feature actually being used on an iOS device. The screenshot also shows a “Change” option after the message which I believe is a toggle to set the time before the messages destroy themselves.


Here is what the Messenger screenshot says “You turned on disappearing messages. New messages will disappear from this conversation 15 minutes after being sent.” This one feature might very well be the feature that most of the Messenger users are looking out for especially considering that self-destructing messages and end to end encryption are cornerstone of messaging app like Telegram.  Earlier we have also talked about a secret messaging feature for the Messenger and in all likelihood even this feature might be in the pipeline.

Self-destructing messages have been popular with many users since they are wary about leaving a trail of their private conversation. Just to think about it whatever we speak in the real world is not recorded and it works mostly like a self-destructing message. It might still be long since we actually get to test out this feature as Facebook is expected to roll out the update incrementally.

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