Google has been known for having vested interest in innovations and now the Mountain view company has applied for a patent regarding a device that can be injected directly into the eyeball. This device is expected to correct poor eyesight. The application also details the how the device would work, once injected in fluid the device would then solidify with the eye’s lens capsule and will blend with the transparent membrane on the periphery of the lens.


The device will be made up of several components including sensors, electronic lens, storage and radio. The energy for the lens will be harvested from an “energy harvesting antenna.” An external companion device will be able to communicate with the eyeball computer and it is powered by a processor that takes care of the computing needs.

The patent lists Andrew Jason Conrad as the inventor and he was also associated with the Google Contact Lens project. He has a PhD in cell biology from University of California and before Google he was the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Laboratory Corporation of America. While this might look like a completely outlandish concept, Google has been working on technology to help people strengthen their vision from quite some time. Google had earlier talked about Google Contact Lens, a kind of smart lens that would measure glucose level in tears thus immensely helping people with diabetes.

Just like most of the other patent filings even the humanoid lens is still in conceptual state it might take years for the lens to actually get into production state but it truly does standout when it comes to scale of innovation along with the utility factor.

Source: Forbes

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