A new phone every month” – That’s how CREO pitched its first ever Android smartphone, the Mark 1. The Bangalore based company promised to update the software every month with brand new features based upon user interests and requests. The phone was launched on April 13 and a month later we have the first update with five new features as promised.

Fuel OS, the custom skin on top of Android 5.1 Lollipop that powers Mark 1 already has some unique features which sets it apart from the competition. Now, the company has added few more features to its kitty. So here they are:

Data Manager


With the new Data manager, Fuel OS gets Cyanogen like feature which can stop apps from using the cellular data when you don’t want them to. With mobile internet data being as pricey as it is right now, this is a much needed addition to Mark 1. CREO claims that nearly 25-30% of cellular data usage is used by apps in the background, which is why they wanted to add the Data manager feature. Go ahead and pick & choose the apps you don’t want to consume mobile data in the background. They’d work just fine on WiFi anyway.

Photo Enhancer


The default photo editor (which was much closer to stock) has got a face lift as well. The new photo editor is claimed to be lighter and faster. In addition to basic tweaks like cropping and tilting, Enhance lets you quickly add filters to your photos before sharing to your favorite social networking site. For the more adventurous ones, there’s an option to change exposure, brightness, contrast and other things. We can see many people complain that this should have been a built-in feature from the beginning, but better late than never!

Personalized Echo

Echo is hands down the best feature of Fuel OS for us. With this new update, it has gotten even better and smarter. For the uninitiated, Echo is a smart answering machine that works right out of the box. It works great with any operator and needs no extra configuration. Now, with Personalized Echo, you can set a personalized message for your wife, boss or that annoying colleague. In fact you can set a different message to each contact on your phone. This will be so much fun! If you want to stick to the default welcome messages, CREO has added an option to choose the message to be played out in 6 different Indian languages beside English.



Fuel OS lets you double tap your home button to search for anything on your smartphone. In our experience over the past month, it works great, and it’s something we gotten used to so much that we were double tapping on other phones as well. With the latest Fuel OS update, Sense gets more features like calculator, WhatsApp support, Pin contacts and Play store search. Looks to be very convenient.

Selfie Flash


This is something Apple popularized with iPhone 6 and every other OEM wants to have as well. Pretty self explanatory, and something we think came in as a request from the community to be integrated on Mark 1.

If you own a CREO Mark 1 you can download the latest update right now. Just open the reFuel app and open the carousel panel on top left, click on Updates tab and tap on ‘Check for Updates’.

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