Smartphone OEMs usually introduce different product series for particular price brackets, majorly to distinguish among them and easing the process for customers to choose one. Sony is among such companies and has a couple of lineups including Xperia C, Z, and M. However, a recent report suggests that Sony is rethinking its assembly and will reportedly continue with only one series, “Xperia X” or just “X”.


The leaked report claims that the company is planning to terminate all the current series including the flagship Z phones and continue with their newly introduced Xperia X series, some of which they announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Sony is terming this as the third chapter in its product evolution over the years. As the disclosed presentation image describes, chapter 1 was between 2010-12 about the “open OS for web communication”, along with the beginning of Sony’s introductory Android market entry – the Xperia X10. Chapter 2 took place between 2013-15 and was regarding the “best of Sony” highlighted by the Xperia Z series.


Chapter 3 will come into execution starting from 2016 and will most probably carry on up to 2018. ‘Xperia X’ is marked as the new visual identity for Sony’s brand communication and the new logo which is undoubtedly an ‘X’ will be used in all promotional print and TV advertising. If the images stand true, Sony is all set to reveal its future roadmap in a couple of weeks. Some of our sources although, reveal that the official announcement is expected on this month’s 30th.

Sony hasn’t been doing pretty well in the smartphone industry if recent numbers are considered, that show their flagship and budget phones have performed poorly in the last quarter. Merging and simplifying the brand lineup will definitely help them control the marketing costs and get back in the game. They launched some interesting handsets under the “X” branding at MWC with a crucial focus on camera and adaptive battery technology.

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